Tuesday Weisblog: For once, I actually agree with her

3447251263_a893b1228e_m“What the heck am I going to do? I have to put on this strong face, and I have to pretend like I don’t regret it.”

These are the words of the one-and-only Nadya Suleman, a/k/a “The Octomom,” who has been the subject of a couple of my blogs in the past.

In an interview with “Radar Online” (whoever they are), Suleman comes clean with her feelings of guilt … but one wonders if they’re real feelings or if she’s just thickening the plot for her upcoming reality show.

She claims she has “romantic feelings” for the man whose, um, “bodily fluids” were used to create these kids – and here’s the best part – she didn’t tell him she was going to have more kids with said fluids.

“I blame myself for bringing this on my own,” Octo said. “These are my choices. I coerced him into helping me every year. … The more kids I had, the stronger connection I had with him, and I couldn’t even imagine anyone else, and he knew that. I went behind his back, and I feel so much guilt, and I want to apologize to him.”

She continued with this nugget of wisdom: “I screwed up my life. I screwed up my kids’ lives.”

Well, Nadya, you’ve made millions off his whole thing, and you stand to make even more. You still have a chance to make it right for the kids. As for you and the “fluid donor,” well, I don’t know if that situation can ever be repaired.

I want to at least believe her conscience is still intact, even if her mind isn’t. But it’s mighty suspicious that she makes these startling confessions a short time before her reality show debuts.

Folks, this woman is a train wreck. But you know that old saying about train wrecks … even though you know it’s going to be awful, you just can’t turn your head away.

For the same reason, I’ll probably watch the first episode or two of this freak show. I’ll just make sure I do it on an empty stomach.


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