Wednesday Weisblog: Tag … you’re it!

1554498331_90bbc8afd3_mApparently, there isn’t much to do in Port Angeles, Washington.

As we have now discovered, 22-year-old Nelson Blewett and his friends have invented a new game they tried playing back in mid-May. It’s called “TAG tag,” and according to “News of the Weird” and the “Peninsula Daily News,” the young Einsteins sprayed each other with TAG body spray and then struck matches, creating small flames.

A barrel of laughs, right? Why didn’t my pals and I think of that game long ago?!

Evidently, this game got boring in a hurry because Nelson and his friends upped the ante just a bit. They felt it wise to interject a little more excitement into the game, namely lighter fluid.

How, you ask? A legitimate question! They doused themselves with lighter fluid, then set the person who is “it” on fire.

Sadly, when it was Mr. Blewitt’s turn, he was apparently too lit up (double meaning, perhaps?) to douse the flames. He remained on fire for an estimated 40-45 seconds before finally jumping from a second-story porch and rolling around in the yard.

He was transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle to be treated for “serious injuries.” Hopefully, they stopped off for a quick “psych consult” first.

Seems as if Nelson and friends got the wrong message from the TAG commercials. I don’t think chicks dig guys who set themselves on fire for recreational purposes.

Note: Props to me for refraining from taking the easy road and saying that, once he was on fire, Nelson should have “Blewitt” out.


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