Monday Weisblog: No, I won’t clean my room!

His dad told him to clean his room. He didn’t want to. He responded by throwing a plate of food at his father.

His father responded by calling 9-1-1 and getting the police involved.

Sounds like your typical family squabble, right? Well, it’s anything but typical. That’s because the “he” I’m referring to is Andrew Miszak, who is 28 and a member of the Bedford, Ohio school board. His mother is also a city councilwoman.

Andrew’s dad decided not to press charges, but did have this zinger for the cops: “I don’t want to ruin his political career.” He then continued, telling police, “Andrew is 270 pounds and he can’t fight him, that they do everything for Andrew and he doesn’t even pay rent.”

Seems now that Andrew has learned the error of his ways. Once the cops came, he was sent to his room. “He was crying uncontrollably and (he) stated he would comply,” the police said.

But wait … looks like there is a happy ending after all. “My dad and I love each other very much,” he said, promising to keep his basement room clean. “I’m lucky to be living in their house.”

Awwwwwwwwwwww … isn’t that sweet?!


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