Tuesday Weisblog: Mr. Roberts will have a new neighborhood soon … and he isn’t going to like it

2108644933_d829186336_m-1If you ever decide to rob a bank, you can get as elaborate as you want to cover it up. Just don’t forget the simple stuff like Dwayne Roberts recently did.

The 31-year-old Roberts was an Assistant Manager at an Indianapolis-area Fifth Third bank until recently, when he was arrested for arson, mischief and theft.

After sending his employees home for the day on May 6, he set a fire in the bank’s vault in order to conceal his theft of cash. He sealed up the vault and readied himself to leave when he realized …

He’d left his car keys in the vault. Whoops!

He called 911 to report the fire and police immediately became suspicious (I wonder why).

When questioned on the matter and told him they’d seen him enter the vault on the bank’s surveillance camera, he admitted to swiping about $30,000 over a three-month period, according to a probable cause affidavit.

He’ll now get to sit in prison, every day thinking about what an idiot he was on that fateful day.


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