Wednesday Weisblog: Holy Toledo!

Fifth Third Field in Toledo, OH

Fifth Third Field in Toledo, OH

Toledo, Ohio is a very nice blue-collar Midwestern city. While working at the now-defunct Progressive Communications International, I used to go to Toledo about five times a year or so – and it was the home of one of my favorite clients – the Yark Automotive Group. Great bunch of people there. They also have a tremendous zoo there, as well as the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team that plays at Fifth Third Field, one of the nicest minor league baseball stadiums you’ll find anywhere. But I digress.

They are also apparently home to some city officials with some exceptionally goofy ideas, particularly Mayor Carty Finkbeiner. It seems that the Toledo Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbour began handing out $25 parking tickets to the citizens of the good city for … wait for it … wait for it …

For parking in their OWN DRIVEWAYS!

Mayor Finkbeiner says he stands by the tickets because they were given out for the sin of parking on unpaved surfaces. Apparently, even if these unpaved surfaces are in your own yard, you can still get a ticket in Toledo. Ridiculous!

Finkbeiner denies that this was done to try to recoup money due to the city’s major financial shortfall. Of course he does. But with Finkbeiner in his third term as mayor and a new vote coming up in November, he didn’t do himself any favors supporting this move.

One particular city council member, D. Michael Collins, says he disputes these tickets and will attempt to get every ticket like this overturned. However, as an Orlando resident, I don’t appreciate his terminology as he called the ticketing process “Mickey Mouse nonsense.”

Anyone wanna be a mayor? Run for office in Toledo and I’ll like your odds against this guy.


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