Monday Weisblog: Gimme my space!

3624466660_d921d96597_tEveryone has it … that invisible box that, when someone crosses inside it, they become violators of your personal space.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s happening to you, too, but this seems to be a frequent occurrence as of late. I’ll be at the supermarket and someone gets within a few inches of you in line. Someone will be talking to me and step forward past that invisible line, to the point where they are unreasonably close. I’ll be driving along and someone decides to tailgate me, despite the fact that there’s someone in front of me who is causing the traffic jam.

Today, however, I experienced a new level of personal space violation – at church, of all places. Just before the services started, I stopped at the restroom to, well, let’s just say I’d had some iced tea.

I’m standing at the urinal doing what men do, and I finish my business. I turn around 180 degrees to walk away and get ready to take my first step when I realize … there is a man already standing there in my space.

My point? There are times when a violation of one’s personal space is bothersome, but this particular instance has perplexed and angered me the more I think about it. Why did this man feel it necessary to be that close to me at that particular time?

I didn’t say anything to him because we were at church, but I really wanted to. He needs to understand that this isn’t acceptable. Too bad he’ll probably never read this.

Guess I just needed to vent a little.


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