Tuesday Weisblog: It was in the cards for Adam Trenk

There is a quaint little town near Phoenix called Cave Creek. Recently, a duo of candidates locked horns in an election for Town Council member.

Amazingly, when all the votes were counted and re-counted, both Thomas McGuire (the incumbent) and challenger Adam Trenk had each accumulated 660 votes.

At first they didn’t know what to do, then someone found an obscure law placed on the books in the 1920s: “All election ties should be broken by lot.” So, that’s exactly what they did.

A deck of cards was procured, and each drew a card, with the gent who drew the high card getting the position. Trenk drew the king of Hearts, while McGuire managed just the six of hearts.

Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia had this to say: “It was pure Cave Creek. Since we couldn’t do a paintball showdown, we did something that is traditionally associated with the West, which is a card deck.”

Right after the draw, the 25-year-old Trenk was sworn in and attended the evening’s meeting.

How’d you like to be Mr. McGuire right now, knowing that if that one person who promised they’d go vote for you – and didn’t – cost you the election; and to make things worse, you lost because of pure, dumb luck!


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