Thursday Weisblog: Passing the bucks

2937985159_ce5cf21aba_mDuring a time when auto dealerships are closing down all over the place and the industry as a whole is getting mercilessly hammered by the media (even though it’s often deserved), I have decided to use today’s blog to give you some positive news.

On Monday, a pair of employees at Central Florida Toyota in Orlando discovered a box in the parts department. They didn’t bother opening it because they decided it was none of their business. But when the box was still there on Tuesday they decided to open it up to see if there was a clue as to owned it, in an attempt to give it to its rightful owner.

What they found inside the box was shocking. To be specific, it was $40,000 in cash. FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS IN CASH!

Central Florida Toyota GM James Farrell stated the obvious: “I was in disbelief that somebody would, one, carry around that much cash in a box and, two, that they would leave it on a public display counter.”

The money has now been turned over to police, and the two employees are wishing to remain anonymous because of the odd circumstances surround their discovery.

Props to the employees for their honesty. Meanwhile, the search continues for the person(s) who left the box there. My wife informs me that local TV news stations have updated the story a little, saying the dealership has surveillance camera footage of a gentleman who came into the dealership with the box, but the picture is not sharp enough to identify him.


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