Friday Weisblog: Guess this guy should’ve gotten a second job

1415982909_c56f1ef803_m-1In a day and age where there are millions of dollars in unpaid child support payments out there to deserving moms, Thomas Frazier is among the standouts when it comes to not fulfilling his responsibilities.

Granted, it probably is a challenge for Mr. Frazier. After all, he has 14 kids from 13 different women!

Mr. Frazier currently owes more than $530,000 in child support to these women, and in April he was given the choice: either come up with $28,000 or go to jail. He had to choose the latter because records show he hasn’t paid a dime of child support in more than six years.

Last October, Friend of the Court officials said Frazier gave them an incorrect Social Security number and attempted to make investigators believe he was someone else.

As for Frazier, he believes he’s a victim. He says he’s not sure all 14 kids are his, and he thinks he may have fathered his first one at age 15. In fact, he believes that only THREE of the kids are his. Yeah, right.

How does that make you a victim? Did you not learn anything from the first, oh, say EIGHT kids or so?

“I tried to find someone who loved me for me,” explained Frazier.

I’m sorry, Thomas, I don’t quite follow your logic. Anybody else out there believe him?


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