Friday BONUS Weisblog: Congrats to Jermaine Taylor

Former UCF Knight Jermaine Taylor heads to Houston to join the Rockets.

Former UCF Knight Jermaine Taylor heads to Houston to join the Rockets.

Today might be the first time ever that I’ve done two blogs in one day. However, since it’s Friday and I won’t get to do another until Sunday, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate UCF’s own Jermaine Taylor, who was selected early in the second round of last night’s NBA Draft in New York.

Taylor was chosen by the Washington Wizards, who subsequently dealt him to the Houston Rockets – a move the Wiz will regret. As someone who has seen the vast majority of JT’s home games and someone who has spent time working for my local NBA team, I know that Taylor has that special “it” that separates the good ones from the hope-to-be good ones.

Many of you are saying, “Who is Jermaine Taylor?” Just wait. In about 2-3 years from now, you’ll know because he’ll be in the Rockets’ playing rotation. In fact, don’t be surprised if that happens this year, as they can use some scoring from the wing off their bench. I believe JT was third in the entire nation in scoring last season, so that’s something he does well. Despite all the ability he has, he’s a good kid, a good teammate and a hard worker … everything a coach could ask for.

He may or may not ever be a star in the NBA … but mark my words: He will have a long and distinguished career, which is more than most second-rounders ever experience.

If you’ve never seen him play, here are a few clips of him in action. This will help you understand why I think Jermaine possesses the tools to succeed on the next level.

Best of luck to you, Jermaine! We’ll miss you in Knights’ gear, but the Rockets gained at least one new fan last night.


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