Wednesday Weisblog: From “I do” to “I want out” … all within 24 hours

3562991730_c138e0515c_tA week ago Wednesday, an unnamed Polish couple living in Germany decided to tie the knot. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Vows exchanged … happiness and frivolity breaks out.

For about an hour or so.

Sometime during this first day of marital bliss, the 50-year-old man took a kitchen knife and decided he wanted to play “barber” on his new wife. The 34-year-old wife then alerted police, who placed a restraining order on the husband. He was only too happy to oblige.

“He said he never wanted to see her again and wanted an immediate annulment, and she said the same thing,” said a spokesman for the Hanover, Germany police department.

Two subsequent phone conversations led to more arguing, and now the pair will be splitting up for good.

To add even more weirdness to the story, the man spent his wedding night at a local homeless shelter!

Doesn’t it make you wonder why they ever got married in the first place? But hey, at least this marriage might outlast Britney Spears’ first wedding.


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