Monday Weisblog: Who was the real Steve McNair?

Steve McNair

Steve McNair

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am an unabashed fantasy football geek. In 2003, I rode the coattails of quarterback Steve McNair to the finals of my 14-team league, where I promptly got destroyed by my opponent – but that’s not the point of this blog.

The point is that, from then on, I was always a huge McNair fan. I respected him before that, because he seemingly “got it.” You know, smart guy on and off the field, humble, great in the community, fearless … everything you’d want in an athlete. But that season turned me into a big, big fan of his.

McNair retired after the 2006-2007 season and you really didn’t hear much about him again, that is, until this 4th of July. That’s when McNair, 36, was found dead in the Nashville, TN dwelling of a 20-year-old woman.

The woman, identified as Sahel Kazemi, was also dead … her body lying near McNair’s. Both had been shot, McNair four times; Kazemi with one fatal shot to the head. A gun was found underneath Kazemi’s body.

During the autopsy, it was confirmed that McNair’s death was a homicide, but they have declared it to be too early to rule the exact cause of her demise.

Despite being married and having four sons, it appears that McNair and Kazemi had been having a romantic relationship. In fact, Kazemi was pulled over for a DUI last week in a Cadillac Escalade that was registered to both she and McNair. Meanwhile, Nashville Police Spokesman Don Aaron confirms that the pair had a “dating relationship.”

Was it a “lover’s quarrel” that led to a murder-suicide? “That’s a very important part of the investigation as we work to ultimately classify Miss Kazemi’s death,” Aaron said. He added that interviews need to be conducted to those close to both McNair and Kazemi to help determine the actual cause.

Assuming she had nothing to do with it, the person I feel for the most in this whole debacle is McNair’s wife, Mechelle. Not only does Mechelle have the grief of a husband who was just murdered to deal with – and she has to explain to the boys why daddy isn’t going to be around anymore, she also has the knowledge that the entire country is now aware that her husband was presumably cheating on her and buying this young “other woman” extravagant gifts (namely, a Cadillac SUV).

Often, it’s kind of cool that we get to know the personalities and habits of famous celebrities off the field. But this is one time I wish we didn’t know what we do know.

I used to have so much respect for Steve McNair, not only for being a great football player, but also for being a great man.

Now he’s gone, and so is all that admiration I used to have for him.

My prayers are with the loved ones of both families, especially Mechelle McNair and the four young boys.

I’ll never forget Steve McNair’s great run in 2003 when he was the NFL’s Co-Most Valuable Player, helping me reach my fantasy league’s final game. But now, I’ll remember it for all the wrong reasons – and that’s just plain sad.


One response to “Monday Weisblog: Who was the real Steve McNair?

  1. Although I’m not much of an NFL fan, this is truly a sad time for his family.
    Sometimes I don’t think fans need to know all the sordid details like these. Is it truly our business?

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