Wednesday Weisblog: Since when did one person have so much power?

Casey Anthony and one of her plethora of attorneys, Jose Baez.

Casey Anthony and one of her plethora of attorneys, Jose Baez.

When I heard the news today I couldn’t believe it. I guess I should’ve seen it coming, though.

What started out as a local story has made national headlines over and over again. It’s been on the news and in papers nationwide. Nancy Grace has debated the subject with anyone she can get to come on her show.

I’m talking about, of course, the tragic murder of Caylee Anthony. The remains of the two-year-old were found less than a mile from her home, and her mother, Casey Anthony, is charged with killing her.

This has already been sitting for months, and the trial was scheduled for this October. But now, there is going to be another delay in the trial. It’s going to be pushed back until at least next January because Casey Anthony’s death penalty attorney Dr. Andrea Lyon has informed Judge Stan Strickland that because of her teaching schedule at DePaul University, she wouldn’t be adequately prepared for the trial.

Pardon me, Dr. Lyon, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. (Well, in this case, maybe it does.)

Judge Strickland, instead of agreeing with her, should have said in no uncertain terms: “You have a choice. You can be either a teacher or a defense attorney.”

I try to keep these blogs fairly lighthearted most days, but I am sick and tired of this kind of thing happening. Seems that people on trial have more rights than those of us who aren’t. There are plenty of other attorneys out there besides Dr. Lyon.

By the way, has anyone ever bothered to try and find out who is bankrolling this all-star lineup of attorneys Casey Anthony is putting together?

There are some strange things going on in this case. First, Casey waits about a month before reporting her daughter missing. Then there is the frantic search for Caylee and the maintenance guy finds her remains near the Anthony house. There is concern over hanky-panky between Casey Anthony and one of her attorneys. If Dr. Lyon can’t make it during the fall semester, I say let’s move this trial up so we can knock it out during the summer months!

Before everyone writes back hate mail, I do understand Casey Anthony is innocent until proven guilty. But prolonging her hearing means it may be longer than necessary to bring justice for a heinous act – taking the life of an innocent child.

If Casey Anthony is truly guilty, she deserves whatever punishment she gets. One way or the other, the sooner we find out the truth, the better off everyone will be. Everyone, that is, except maybe Casey.


3 responses to “Wednesday Weisblog: Since when did one person have so much power?

  1. You want get any flack from me as i agree totally with your topic and your views. So i wonder when her Queenship Ms.Lyons thinks she can devote all her time to the trial and we can get started? First we get Bozo the clown Baez that is so incompetent, then we get Ms. Lyons big wig coming in, yet she has to teach first and has no time yet for a trial. what is wrong with judge Strickland? Ridiculous.

  2. Yep…it is inevitable that this crap will be allowed to continue. It’s a damn shame! The only things we can hope for is justice to finally triumph….every lie leads to the discovery of the truth, little bu little. The more time everyone has to tell more lies, the easier it will be for them to “slip up” . Eventually, it’ll all spin out of control and the truth will come out.

  3. Thanks very much to knight Owl and NannyBug for visiting the blog and leaving the positive comments.

    The only way they’ll ever get to the truth is to go to court, and postponing the trial is a mistake.

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