Thursday Weisblog: Someone brief this man … quickly!

181117523_1ec1e1144b_mWhen 41-year-old Christopher Hoff of Stratford, Connecticut showed up five days late for his dental appointment, the receptionist was a bit startled.

There was one other reason she was taken aback: Hoff was naked.

The receptionist screamed and called police as Hoff fled the scene.

Police went to Hoff’s house, and Hoff told them he’d been sleeping all day. Still, they grabbed him and brought him back to the dental office.

I envision the conversation to be something like this.

Police: “Mr. Hoff, please step inside.”

Hoff: “OK.”

Police (to receptionist): “Is this the man that was in your office earlier?”

Receptionist: “Yes, that’s him. I am sure of it.”

Police: “How can you be sure?”

INSERT FUNNY INNUENDO HERE. (Note: The article does not clearly state whether or not he was still “nekkid.”)

Hoff was charged with disorderly conduct, public indecency and failure to comply with fingerprinting.

Calls to Hoff’s home went unreturned. It’s unclear if he has hired an attorney.

It’s also unclear if he has a brain.


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