Friday Weisblog: Oh, the humanity!

Just when I was beginning to lose my faith in the human race … just when I had all but decided we Americans are only in it for ourselves, I read this.

It appeared that 107-year-old Larry “Curly” Haubner had finally outlived his savings, so he’d be forced to move out of his assisted living facility in Greenfield, Virginia.

But then, something amazing happened: The Washington Post ran a story about Haubner on July 2. Word began to get out concerning Haubner’s plight, and a groundswell of support starting coming in. Donations as small as $2 and as large as $1,200 poured in, and a grand total of more than $65,000 from more than 1,700 donations. (The newspaper article said $56,000 but another $9,000 has come in since then.) There is an interesting caveat: Should Larry pass away, any remaining monies will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Combined with the $7,300 he already had, it’s enough to keep him in his facility for another two years at least!

Carol Ewing, who manages Haubner’s financial affairs, summed it up well. “It’s incredibly heartwarming that during this tough economic time for everybody, these people have found it in their hearts to donate the way that they have.”

If the old saying, “What goes around, comes around” is really true, then God will bless every one of those people who helped Mr. Haubner. It’s the ultimate sign of having respect for your elders … something we just don’t see enough of anymore.

Well done, Virginia peeps!


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