Monday Weisblog: Time for a pregnant pause

Magdalena Kwiatkowska and her 13-year-old daughter recently decided to take a vacation. They chose a trip from Poland, their home country, to Egypt.

They discovered the daughter became pregnant – during the trip.

This is where you’ll be tempted to insert your best Polish joke … but please refrain because it’s tacky and this the 21st century.

This is a true story: Ms. Kwiatkowska has filed a lawsuit against the Egyptian hotel where they stayed during their vacation, claiming her daughter got pregnant while swimming in their “mixed pool.” Yep, she is so convinced her daughter never had any, uh, “activity” during their trip that she is suing the hotel for allowing (and this is their term, not mine) “stray sperm” to impregnate her daughter.

Now I’ve heard everything … well, at least until tomorrow’s blog.


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