Friday Weisblog: Is this an omen for things to come?

A beautiful wedding. A fancy, enjoyable reception. A beautiful day all the way around.

As the couple went off for their honeymoon, several people in the wedding party climbed aboard their small airplane to fly back to their homes. (The article does not give names or exact locations, but for the purposes of this blog they’re not necessary.)

The story continues as one of the wedding party members decides that (I am paraphrasing here), “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool and kind of symbolic to toss the wedding bouquet out of the plane?”

There’s just one problem: When they tossed the bouquet, it headed for the plane’s rear rotor; not a good thing when a tubular device is moving in the air at breakneck speed.

The plane crash-landed near a hostel. Miraculously, everyone survived. The pilot suffered light injuries, and appropriately the person who tossed the bouquet received “several broken bones.”

I’ve heard stories of wild things happening during receptions, but not AFTER them!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday.


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