Wednesday Weisblog: It’s almost that time again!

3027433983_1db3ca6b86_mWhile I would in no way be classified as a “geek,” there is one specific category of geekdom in which I am among the most guilty: I am a fantasy football junkie. I have made no secret of this fact.

The most beautiful thing about it is that I have a support group. They are a group of 13 others who feel the same way I do. They are the other “general managers” in my league.

We do not have support groups or sponsors; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We go out of our way looking for excuses to celebrate our habit by meeting once or twice prior to our draft day.

How severe is this illness? Several members of our group actually fly down specifically for our draft. It’s truly unbelievable, really, to people who do not suffer from the same affliction. But those who do understand completely.

We are down to less than 72 hours until our first meeting begins. Even though the NFL regular season – and our fantasy football season – doesn’t actually begin until September, we get together ahead of the draft day to find out our drafting position and discuss any rule changes that need to be made.

In short, a chance to be each other’s “enablers.”

For the next four-and-a-half months, there will be a large number of fantasy football “widows” all over the country – heck, all over the world!

The clock is ticking. Friday night is when things begin to get interesting. I cannot wait. But I bet you my wife can.


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