Friday Weisblog: How many times is enough? Apparently 18.

Since the 1970s, Lonnie Harris of Grayslake, IL has been driving. A lot, apparently, despite the fact that he has no business doing so.

On Monday, a McHenry County judge sentenced Mr. Harris to three years in prison for his 18th arrest for driving on a revoked license.

The latest arrest was his first since 2004, and under the plea agreement he made with authorities, he has received credit for the 62 days he’s served since the actual arrest in 2007. In fact, with day-for-day credit earned while in prison, the Daily Herald newspaper says Harris could be out in as soon as 16 months.

At least this time Mr. Harris will feel the sting of the repercussions for his repeated ignorance of the law. But is it enough? I say no. If it was three or four, maybe … but not 18!

Perhaps Lonnie will think about all this and learn something while he hangs up his keys. We can only hope. But don’t bet the farm on it.


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