Wednesday Weisblog: No open bar(s) at this wedding

Britney King of Tallahassee, FL was preparing for the happiest day in her life. She’d picked out her wedding dress and even paid for her honeymoon in Canada. The August 15 wedding day was just around the corner.

Then reality set in. She finally realized that dear old dad was not going to be at the wedding – and this simply was not acceptable to Britney, who wanted Franklin (her dad) to walk her down the aisle.

Unfortunately for Franklin, he’s going to be busy on that day; in fact, he’s been busy for the past two years and promises to be busy for the foreseeable future. That’s because he is incarcerated in the Palm Beach County jail as he awaits his trial for child molestation.

Somehow or other, Britney, 21, got the idea that they would let her dad free for one day. Franklin’s wife, Cindy, even offered to pay off-duty security officers if they’d let him attend. Of course, they said no. Now, Britney has decided to postpone the wedding to the unidentified groom. (The wedding was to take place in Ocala, FL, at a family friend’s house.)

The poor groom must be thrilled about this (of course, I say this in jest). Looking at this from his point of view: Let’s see … father-in-law very well could be a heinous perv, my fiancee decided having said perv at the ceremony is more important than tying the knot … what have I done to deserve this?

Franklin has been in jail for almost two years awaiting trial. One would think that, unless they had some pretty strong evidence, that he would not be forced to sit in jail prior to the trial, which is scheduled for September. Specifically, he’s facing charges of molesting a 15-year-old girl over a four-year period starting when she was 11.

I know, I know … innocent until proven guilty. I do understand. However, until proven innocent he has no business at any social function that does not include an orange jumpsuit and a jail cell. After all, these are very severe charges that could result in a life sentence – and as I stated above, unless the prosecution felt pretty good about their chances, I don’t think they’d have had him incarcerated this long.

The authorities got this one right!

I have an idea … have Franklin transferred to Mayberry, where Andy can do the ceremony in the jail. Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, Otis, Floyd the Barber, Gomer and Goober could be the witnesses.


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