Thursday Weisblog: A surprise in their soda?

Amy Denegri of Ormond Beach, FL describes her husband, Fred, as “somewhat of an addict” to Diet Pepsi.

Despite what allegedly happened recently, this is still the case.

According to the Denegris, this is what happened: Fred popped open a can of his favorite beverage one week ago and immediately turned to his wife and said it didn’t taste right. The poured out the soda, yet something still lingered in the bottom of the can. I’m sure you know where this is going …

They continued to shake the can and out came the remains of a “pink, slimy thing” they believe to be a mouse. Poison control was called in, but fortunately Fred did not become ill. The FDA has become involved and are currently investigating.

Pepsi is saying that they have traced the can back to an Orlando plant, and that the place was up to Pepsi’s usual standards. “It is virtually impossible for this type of thing to happen in a production environment,” said Pepsi spokesman Jeff Dahncke, “We run about 1,250 cans per minute on these production lines. Their speed, along with the rigorous quality control systems we have in place throughout our manufacturing process, give us great confidence in the quality and safety of our products.”

So far, Fred and Amy are choosing not to sue (at least the original article makes no mention of a lawsuit). So why make a big deal out of it? “We just felt it should be out there, that the public should know,” Amy explained.

In case you’re wondering, Fred continues to drink Diet Pepsi, except now he pours the contents of the cans into a glass prior to consuming his soda.

If they continue to not sue, I am inclined to believe the couple. If not, I smell a rat … or maybe a mouse.


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