Wednesday Weisblog: The job of ER nurse is not for the feint of heart

There are certain professions in our world that do not pay what they are worth. Teachers and law-enforcement officers readily come to mind.

But when we think of unsung heroes in our world, let’s also be sure to include this vocation: Emergency Room Nurse.

A recent survey conducted by the Emergency Nurses Association showed that more than 50 percent of ER nurses have been physically assaulted at least once. Specifically, they say they have been spit on, hit, pushed, shoved, scratched or kicked by patients while on duty.

When you are treating people of all cultures, some of whom are psychiatric patients or high on something, it’s no surprise. For the ER nurse, it’s probably just another day at the office – but it’s something I’ve never really given a great deal of thought about until now.

The job of nurse is often glamorized on television, but I imagine there are times when this is far from the truth!

Thanks to all ER nurses (and all nurses in general) for doing what you do.


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