Thursday Weisblog: Thanks, Captain Obvious!

This just in from Nature magazine: Atlantic hurricanes have developed more frequently during the last decade than at any point in at least 1,000 years, a new analysis of historical storm activity suggests. The new study, published today in Nature, attempts to reconstruct Atlantic hurricane activity back to the year 500.

Um … yeah! To review:
Before the last decade started I was 32. In my first 32 years of life, zero hurricanes.

The last decade I’ve been through five, three of which were considered essentially “direct hits.”

The day Hurricane Charley went through here in 2004 was the day my parents moved to Orlando from Winter Haven, FL. The house they’d just sold in Winter Haven had a humongous oak tree go through the master bedroom, and the movers completed the move with about two hours to spare. Meanwhile here in Orlando, Charley destroyed our above-ground pool.

I have about 20 snapshots of the damage Charley did in our neighborhood. It was the first one – and the worst one – of the bunch. Someday I’ll post them, but I am not immediately able to put my hands on them.

You’ll have to pardon me if I’m not shocked at this finding.


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