Monday Weisblog: Who’s the real Vick-tim here?

After a previous blog about Michael Vick, you knew I couldn’t keep silent forever after the news came out that he’s signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles.

There are three schools of thought. I hear many people saying that he’s paid his debt to society and he should be allowed to play. A second school of thought says that while he should be a free man, he should lose his privilege to play in the NFL. A third says he should still be in prison for the heinous things he did to the dogs.

While I am still undecided about which school of thought I fall under, I do think that he was let off the hook too much in his press conference last week. At one point he said, “I know, as we all know, in the past I have made some mistakes, I have done some terrible things, I made a horrible mistake.”

Making a bad, one-time decision that results in an awful end is a horrible mistake. But what Vick did was cold, calculated and planned out. Vick had a whole business enterprise that specialized in dogfighting, and either knew about or contributed in dogs being electrocuted, hanged and drowned.

If you are heartless enough to do something like that – to torture an animal and give it slow, painful death, I don’t think you can change overnight and suddenly become Mister Nice Guy.

Vick is fortunate to have someone like Tony Dungy (the former Super Bowl-winning coach who is mentoring Vick) in his corner, speaking out on his behalf. For Vick’s sake, I truly hope he has changed. Dungy is a fine man; the world would be a better place if we had more people like him.

Vick has exhausted every chance he’s been given and is down to his last one. Is he a changed man? I hope so. Will he contribute on the football field for the Eagles or another team? Who knows.

Until such time has passed that he either proves the Eagles correct or incorrect in their judgment, we all have every right to be skeptical.


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