Tuesday Weisblog: Time to be Frank

OK … I am asking for a little help here. Whether or not you supported the government taking over General Motors, it happened. I happen to be a little bit skeptical about the whole thing, but that’s neither here nor there.

What I am confused about is this: About the same time the takeover happened, many General Motors dealers were given their proverbial pink slips – in other words, they were given a period of a few days to close their doors as mandated by the parent company. That in itself seems a bit “un-American” to me. While I understand there were entirely too many dealers, whose fault was that?

Ninety-nine percent of dealers were good soldiers who grudgingly did as they were instructed and closed their doors, effectively putting many people out of work. They were also told to turn in master lists of their customers to GM, presumably to give to the very people (neighboring GM competitors) who helped put them out of business.

So when I saw what happened the other day, I was shocked – and I don’t understand why there is no public uproar over this. It seems that Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank decided to give a last-minute stay of execution to a General Motors distribution center in … wait for it … Massachusetts! Who’d have guessed.

Why can Barney Frank, the “self-appointed car czar,” arbitrarily decide to keep open something that was scheduled to close at the end of the year without anyone questioning him? What if EVERY Congressman decided to do this?

When Congressmen can do this kind of thing and not be taken to task for it, well, that’s just plain dangerous in this man’s opinion. What’s yours?


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