Monday Weisblog: Good stuff, Maynards

Less than a week before her wedding, a woman named Ida who lived in Ansonia, Connecticut was attacked by a masked man at her home. The man threw a blanket over her and beat her with a baseball bat before fleeing her domicile.

The police investigated, and the perp turned out to be Keith Maynard, an Ansonia town official. He’s been charged with second-degree assault, first-degree unlawful restraint and first-degree reckless endangerment.

For her part, Ida was treated at a local hospital for abrasions and released.

Authorities say that Ida – NOW MRS. IDA MAYNARD, came home to find Keith already inside the premises, where he committed his assault (allegedly).

“I love my husband more than anything and to know that five days later was my wedding and he could do that and go through with the wedding. I was very surprised,” Ida Maynard told reporters outside the courthouse.

Makes you wonder if Ida’s having second thoughts! The article I read as a point of reference left a couple key questions unanswered, the most important of which was, “Did Ida know Keith was the perp BEFORE the wedding?”

I’m guessing she did not from her comment, though I cannot say for sure. Either way, this marriage is on shaky ground – and Keith’s probably going to get some time to cool down and think about what he’s done.


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