Thursday Weisblog: Update on questionable Diet Pepsi can

In late July, I told you about an Ormond Beach, Florida couple who alleged they found a mouse in their Diet Pepsi.

There’s been a new development in the case. Today, the Food and Drug Administration released the results of their test, and they revealed a couple of very interesting things:

(1) The mouse is not a mouse. It is either a frog or a toad.

(2) Don’t read this one unless you have a strong stomach: The report claims the “specimen” was lacking internal organs normally found in the abdomen or thoracic cavity. Could it be that the Diet Pepsi actually ate up the frog’s innards? That’s disgusting … and it makes me reconsider my consumption of soda.

(3) The FDA’s findings were inconclusive as to how or when the frog/toad’s carcass entered the soda can.

The can’s owners, Amy and Fred Denegri, say that Fred opened the can and immediately started drinking from it, so it had to have come from the Pepsi plant.

I guess we’ll never know the truth. What do you think?


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