Skating on thin ice? You betcha!

Last week, Canada defeated the United States 2-0 to capture the gold medal in women’s hockey at the Winter Olympics. While that in itself is somewhat newsworthy, what seems to be even more attention-grabbing is Team Canada’s celebration following the end of the game.

The hockey club was photographed drinking beer (one player was underage, mind you) and even smoking cigars during their somewhat unorthodox victory extravaganza.

The Olympic Federation has decided to investigate the matter further, saying (and I paraphrase here) that this was not the place for a celebration like that.

As an American, my first reaction was a twinge of anger … as if they were rubbing it in our faces that they’d defeated us. However, upon further reflection I began to realize a few things: First, they won. If you don’t want them to celebrate, beat them. Second, the Olympics comes around only one time every four years, so this is no ordinary victory. Last, they won on their own home ice. You gotta admit; that’s pretty sweet.

While I’m not saying my dream woman would be swilling Molson out of cans and smoking a cigar in the fashion of George Burns (and thank you, Christina, for not doing those things), I think they have every right to celebrate however they want, provided it is in good taste.

I know “good taste” has different boundaries for different people, but I am fine with what they did. Give the young lady who was drinking underage a ticket and let’s all move on.

EPILOGUE: By the way, was that not a magnificent men’s gold medal hockey game yesterday? Canada had the best players while the United States had the better netminder, which ultimately led to a game that will be remembered for a very long time. I salute our young United States team … the youngest team in the tournament. After a couple of “down” Olympics that led to this year’s youth movement, we should now be a major factor for years to come.


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