A funny thing happened at the Seminole County Courthouse today

I became a father today for the second time as I adopted my son, JR. What has been a long time coming finally became official sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 EST this morning.

I expected everything to be exactly like two years ago when I adopted his sister Chawney. During her adoption the judge asked me some very poignant questions, most notably, “Mr. Weis, why do you want to adopt this young lady?”

I didn’t need any rehearsed speeches to answer that one; all I had to do was answer from the heart.

I was ready to do the exact same thing today.

This time, however, there was a different judge. Instead of asking me why I wanted to adopt JR – and giving me the chance to profess to everyone there why I was there – his line of questioning was entirely different. They really weren’t questions at all; in fact, they were more like warnings.

“Do you understand, Mr. Weis, that by adopting this young man, it will be as if he was your child from birth … and that, heaven forbid, you and your wife ever get divorced, he is still your son?”

“Yes, your honor,” I said.

Wow, your honor, you are really throwing a wet blanket over an otherwise happy occasion, I thought.

Eventually, the judge granted the adoption and I officially gained a wonderful son.

That brings me back to JR, the real point of this blog. Upon meeting him for the first time about nine years ago, it didn’t take long for me to figure out he was going to be an engineer. The first time he and I went somewhere and it was just us, we went to McDonald’s to get some lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

As I finished ordering our food, I looked to my right and noticed JR disassembling a life-sized Ronald McDonald display. He is testing me, I thought to myself.

Wanting to let him know that wasn’t acceptable – but not wanting to make him dislike me – I turned to him and said, “JR, can you please put Ronald McDonald back together? I don’t think he needs surgery today.”

He looked up at me and laughed.

I was to find out later that JR was not testing me. Instead, he was genuinely interested in how Ronnie was assembled. It was the engineer in him.

As his knowledge has increased, so has his personality and his character. These days he’s taking apart and putting together much more complicated things.

I am proud of the young man he’s become and I am proud to call him my son.

MY SON! That has a nice ring to it. I love you, son!

Today, everyone under our roof is a Weis. The lifetime of tomorrows to come will be fun. Look out, world!


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