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Friday Weisblog: Octuplets revisited

If you are not already questioning Nadya Suleman’s decision-making skills, this will most likely steer you in that direction: American taxpayers will be picking up the $1.3 million hospital bill incurred when she recently gave birth to her octuplets.

Don’t get agitated yet, folks … because it gets worse. Significantly worse. Here’s what else you get to foot the bill for: The unemployed Suleman had already been caring for her other six children by living in her parents’ house and getting $490 per month in food stamps. Additionally, she gets Social Security disability payments for three of her children – and the food stamp total is pretty much a certainty to go up with the new additions to her family.

Octuplets. Can you imagine?!

Octuplets. Can you imagine?!

That’s still not all! According to the Los Angeles Times, the hospital where the octuplets are expected to spend seven to 12 weeks has requested reimbursement from Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program, for care of the premature babies.

Over the course of these 14 kids’ childhoods, that means untold millions of dollars being sucked up by this family.

The $64,000 question begs to be asked: If she’s on food stamps, where did she get the money for the fertility treatments?

Forget the big banks and insurance companies. The government needs to earmark some of the bailout money to the American people for paying for this woman’s blatant misuse of a system put in place for those who really need it.

I try the best I can to keep this blog relatively noncontroversial, but this woman’s actions bother me. I’m sure a reality show/movie/book deal/talk show appearances are coming soon, which will make this even more of a mockery of the system than it already is.

I was at least glad to see that even Nadya’s mom blasted Nadya for this. Good for her! After all, her “golden years” just went down the toilet. Now, she is saddled with the chore of raising kids because her daughter couldn’t even afford the ones she had prior to adding eight more health-challenged infants into the mix!

This is an outrage, and I hope the rest of the country can see this for what it really is.